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Sure, in 2019, there were only 22 brides from this country who married Americans. But we want to change that and show the world how beautiful and excellent Slovakian brides are for marriage and serious relationships! And to do so, we have made a list of the best mail order bride websites where you can find a Slovakian date. Any of these websites can give you exactly what you seek!

Slovakian: Online Mail Order Bride Websites 2024 Compared And Reviewed

Undoubtedly, Slovakia is not the most popular country with mail order brides. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a date there. Our article will show you that you can have excellent opportunities to find, date, and marry a perfect Slovakian wife if you know what to do. And you will know what to do as our guide will demonstrate everything you need to date Slovakian mail order brides successfully!

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Why choose Slovakian women for marriage?

Slovakian women are simple—they love men who know what they are doing in life, and they love their culture. It is not difficult to date a woman from this country—you just need to know a few things about Slovakia and its culture. Women who live there prefer serious relationships to casual ones—even if a girl wants to have sex with a guy, she won’t do it on a first date.

Slovakian girls for marriage are romantic and enjoy small but personal gestures. For example, you can learn some tiny fact about your potential bride and then just somehow make it into a gift, joke, or comment that would show your date that you care. Slovakian wives are not demanding or spoiled—they would never ask you to give them expensive clothes, jewelry, or gadgets. If a gift is meaningful, they will appreciate it no matter how expensive it is.

Why do Slovakian brides seek Western men?

Slovakia is a very small country with a rather small population—only 440 thousand people live there. So, it can be rather challenging for single girls to find a suitable partner. And although local online dating is not that popular, a lot of women use dating services to communicate and date with guys from all over the world. Most of the time, Slovakian mail order brides seek guys from the United States, Canada, and a few other Western countries. The reason for that is rather obvious—Western countries are more liberal and successful, which means it is easier to start a family there.

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How much does a Slovakian mail order bride cost?

The expression to ‘buy a mail order bride’ means to spend money on a dating site to chat with a girl, that’s it. It is rather easy to find a bride to date online as it is accessible and affordable. Online communication can cost you around $30-80 per month, depending on how much you can and want to spend. Indeed, you can easily spend up to $200-300 per month if you want—additional options like gifts, video communication, etc., can be rather expensive on dating sites. But if you just want to have a great time with a Slovakian mail order wife without spending a small fortune, you can spend less than $100 per month and get everything you seek!

Also, here you can see how much you can spend in 1 week of staying in Slovakia with your date:

  • Plane tickets: $225-500
  • Entertainment: $100-200
  • Food: $100-200
  • Hotel or decent apartment: $300-$800
  • Transportation: $75-$150


The opportunities that the world of online dating offers you are almost endless. The only thing you need to do is to start using a dating site and find your one and only Slovakian bride!