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Despite the popularity of such resorts and worldwide travel destinations as Bali or Jakarta, pretty Indonesian women are still an enigmatic puzzle for most single men interested in South Asian ladies. What stands behind their personalities and makes them great wives and girlfriends? Let’s find out and clear up this mystery.

Indonesian brides: features of local ladies that you will meet only here

Even if you dated Asian and particularly South Asian women before, Indonesian mail order brides will stand out and have slight differences. First, it’s a matter of mentality and religious impact. Indonesia is a Muslim country dictating conservative rules and putting traditions first. Second, Indonesian ladies boast of having a bright appearance that doesn’t completely fall within typically Asian faces and bodies. Local women are usually curvier and more sun-tanned. Last, Indonesia doesn’t have a unified culture. This country combines hundreds of islands, each of which has its cultural peculiarities. Therefore, being aware of generalized Indonesian features, which we will describe in the next paragraphs, still pay attention to every particular region’s traditions.

Indonesian mail order brides are caring and kind

In Indonesia, local women prefer to take their traditional gender roles and behave feminine. That’s why you will hardly meet a lady struggling to be dominant in relationships or trying too much to impress her with her independence. Indonesian mail order brides stick to naturally women’s features, develop their sense of love, caring, assistance and tenderness. At the same time, don’t confuse these traits with excessive obedience and submission. Local brides are well aware of their virtues and value, so they will give back only in exchange for true love and respect from their men.

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A typical Indonesian mail bride is humble and avoids any PDA

You may hit it off and be on your third date, but you will still not be allowed to kiss her in a public place. Holding hands and hugging are frowned upon too. It’s a Muslim country, right? So even if she is not so religious, she will be afraid of the judgment of her parents, family, friends, or any other people who may notice you. Just have little patience and let her take the first step when she is ready.

Most Indonesian mail order brides live with their parents

About half of 18- to 34-year-old Indonesian brides still live with their parents. Most of them will have quite a strict curfew, which you will need to respect. However, there is a positive side to such a thing: meeting with her family is a serious decision. That’s why, if she introduces you to her parents, things between you go serious and long-term. At the same time, you will unlikely meet her family after 10, 30, and even 50 dates.

Is it possible to attract Indonesian women if you are from the West?

You may think it’s a really daunting task giving all cultural and religious reasons. But don’t hurry up to get upset. While written rules are quite strict, realities are much easier, and girls are more relaxed than seem to be. In fact, there exists such an interesting thing as “The Bule Effect”. Bule is another way for a man of a caucasian appearance, and a preferred choice of lots of Indonesian ladies. Why do they like to date Western men?

  • They find them more romantic.
  • Indonesian ladies are fond of white skin (especially for their kids).
  • Western men are more modern and less conservative.

So while thousands of men are still hesitating about their dating trip to Indonesia, lots of local ladies are actually craving to meet and date their potential Westen boyfriends.