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It will not be surprising to know that Japanese mail order brides are highly appreciated worldwide. They are exotic but modern, shy but kind, tiny but confident. These ladies are definitely desired, girlfriends and wives.

And while thousands of men only dream about a Japanese woman, you can become the one who will know how to date and impress them. How to make your dream come true? Well, while your personal development of relationships is the main priority, the first impression and understanding of her cultural background are still important. So, let’s get to the point and find out what are Japanese ladies like.

Hot Japanese women: conservative VS modern

In Japan, compared to almost all other Asian countries, things develop quite quickly. New generations shift the old ones and bring new changes in the social, and particularly dating life. In big cities, you will feel like in other megacities, only with an Asian touch. Smaller towns and villages may still keep their traditions and conservative outlooks.

Also, don’t forget that unwritten relationship rules vary between generations and areas, and of course, individual couples, but more and more younger people tend to split the bill, pursue their career paths and be quite independent of each other.

However, the majority of Japanese brides you are going to meet are rather traditional ladies with a few modern traits. So, let’s investigate their typical features and what you can expect from dating them.

Japanese brides are super polite and calm

Known as “Reigi tadashii” is a typically Japanese trait that presents local people as extremely well mannered and polite ones. What else can you expect from the nation that bows while greeting each other? They also like to apologize and thank. Literally always and with every occasion.

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Hot Japanese women are fond of healthy food

Deprived of too much nutritious, calorie-heavy, unhealthier choices, Japanese cuisine is basically based on rice combined with fish, veggies, and fermented foods. Therefore, dating a Japanese lady almost certainly means sticking to a healthy lifestyle with great food. Besides, local people follow a physically active lifestyle, assist the gym, practice yoga, and running.

Your Japanese date will be the most hardworking person you know

Japanese educational system provides local boys and girls with excellent conditions (as well as the necessity to study a lot and often pull an all-nighter).

After finishing university, many Japanese brides continue to work and get high-paid jobs, which, however, require a lot of diligence and dedication. That’s why it’s common to see office workers leave their work late in the evening or even at night.

Why are Japanese brides better than Western women?

If you can’t make a decision, here are 3 more reasons why Japanese ladies can become the best life partners:

  • Respect to their husbands. Despite being so modern and independent, women prefer men to be the head of the family, decide important questions, and take the lead.
  • Love for cleanness. Japanese brides are famous for being really neat, and this habit is deeply ingrained in their value system. Even if you compare different Asian cities to Japanese ones, you will quickly realize that these people really confess an art of cleanliness
  • Serious intentions. When a Japanese lady decides to go serious and actually date, this decision is discussed by both partners after the official expression of their feelings. So, if you are together, you are automatically exclusive and loyal to each other.

Japanese brides are 100% worth your attention if you are looking for a calm, affectionate, and loyal woman for marriage!