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Asian Mail Order Brides: Where to Find and How to Date Them?

People from all over the world are amazed with the natural beauty of the Asian girls. Therefore, our aim is to supply you with the top trustworthy venues (UPDATE: Jun 2024) where you can find the mail order bride from Asian Countries.

These Are The 10 Best Online Sites And Apps That We Recommend

If you are looking for a mail order bride, Asia is the right place as it is the most popular region in terms of online dating with women! Indeed, just in 2019, there were over 15,300 brides who married American men and received the K-1 visa!

Such an impressive number has increased ever since, so you can be sure that you will meet plenty of suitable dates for you. For more information, our team of dating experts has devised a list of top dating websites with Asian mail order brides — take a look at a site that will find you your future wife!

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Why choose mail order brides from Asia?

A lot of men in the United States are looking for something traditional, serious, and long-term. Many American women want to focus on career and education, and while such desires are wonderful, millions of single American men cannot find their soulmates. Fortunately, we live in the age of online communication, and online dating is the tool that can help you find true love and happiness.

But why should you choose Asian mail order brides? First, she usually has a traditional upbringing, meaning that she places family above all else and wants to start her own. Second, the online dating market in these countries is huge, so you will enjoy a great diversity of Asian women for marriage. Lastly, these ladies possess unique beauty, and each country can offer you a diverse and special kind of Asian wife!

Why do Asian brides seek Western men?

That’s easy — they want to have serious relationships with a man who can support a family! Although the populations of these countries are huge, not all men are able to provide financially and emotionally. A lot of girls are left unsatisfied, which means that they need to look for a partner somewhere else. Online dating comes to the rescue once again, and millions of beautiful and single Asian women for marriage and serious dating can meet with the right men from the United States and other Western countries.

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It is important to emphasize that Americans are viewed as successful, responsible, and reliable among Asian brides, so every girl who has a desire to start a family views a single American man as a perfect candidate for a husband. It is also possible to say that some girls just want to have fun and adventures, marrying a Westerner.

In particular, such desires are common among Korean and Japanese mail order brides. But don’t you think that your Asian bride is going to marry you just for fun. No, she might wish to marry you because it is fun, but her main goal will be finding true love and happiness!

How much does an Asian mail order bride cost?

When speaking about the price of a date for marriage and serious dating, it is important to understand what you pay for. First, you don’t ‘buy’ Asian mail order brides.

You merely spend money on online dating services that allow you to contact a lady. By all means, if a bride doesn’t want to date you, a website cannot force her to do so!

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Then, you need to understand that there are two types of websites that can offer you communication with girls from this region. First, you can use credit-based websites.

There, you purchase credits with real money and spend them on various tools, features, and options available on the site. The average cost of such communication varies between $50-150 depending on how much you can spend.

There are also subscription-based websites that are less expensive. There, you just purchase a monthly subscription and enjoy all the features. It usually costs about $20-50 for 1 month of subscription.

Since you seek an Asian mail order wife, you will eventually have to see her in real life. In-person dates are more expensive than online ones, but they are necessary. Here is the estimated price that you will have to pay for two weeks with an Asian bride:

  • Plane tickets: $300-1,250
  • Entertainment: $100-400
  • Food: $100-600
  • Hotel or decent apartment: $600-$1,200
  • Transportation: $250-$400

beautiful asian woman in sgirt

Although online dating is easier and cheaper, you need to understand that to find a real wife online, you will need to have a real-life date with her. Fortunately, you can spend a lot of time chatting with her online and have a few real-life dates just to ask your date to marry you!


Asia is a region full of opportunities — many countries from Asia are among the most popular destinations for online dating.

Finding a bride there is not difficult, and with the help of this article, you now know more about your journey to love!