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Belarusian Mail Order Belarusian Sites 2024

Online dating in Belarus is not as popular as in other countries, but it is a place where you can find real Belarusian women for marriage and serious dating. In 2019, just 111 brides moved to the United States to marry American men, and with the help of this article, we want to help more guys realize the full potential of Belarusian brides. These women are great because they represent an interesting combination of Slavic and Western mentalities. Belarusian females are progressive and modern but not as Westernized as Polish or Czech girls for marriage.

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Why choose Belarusian women for marriage?

What is the point of looking for an online date with Belarusian mail order brides? First, if you want to have a good time with a smart and sophisticated lady, then you need to have a date with a Belarusian bride. Women from this country are Slavic but more Westernized. They know English better than most girls from Eastern Europe. They are usually more educated and broad-minded, which is essential if you want to have a serious and long-term relationship with a woman.

Belarus is a country of contrasts, so you can find women of different appearances. If you prefer blondes, you will find plenty of girls with white or silver hair color. If you want to find a short and curvy bride, you will surely meet many women with such parameters. The diversity of beauty in Belarus makes it one of the best countries for serious and long-term communication.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that most brides that you will meet are going to have serious intentions to marry a foreigner. This is definitely a valid reason to look for Belarusian wives online—they are ready for something meaningful and serious. They know how to start a family and be good housewives. Also, Belarusian ladies are suitable for westerners because these girls are pragmatic, progressive, and strong-willed.

Why do Belarusian brides seek Western men?

Although Belarus is not a tourist country, people who live there have a lot of experience interacting with foreigners. Belarusian girls for marriage want to date and marry Western guys for several reasons, one of which is to have a better life. Girls who live there are not stupid—they know that the United States is a place where any dream can come true. And with the help of online dating, it is possible to find true love and happiness with a person from a different country. As mentioned above, Belarusian mail order brides are pragmatic. Although they love their country, they know that there are better places to start a family, which is why they use online dating for finding their soulmate.

How much does a Belarusian mail order bride cost?

To find a wife from this country, you will need to use an online dating website. And most online dating websites are fee-based. Communication on dating sites requires you to spend money, that is a fact. But don’t think that you need to spend a lot of money on communication with Belarusian brides. In fact, online dating is much cheaper than conventional dating. Finding a date online is more affordable and accessible, which is why millions of people around the globe are trying to find true love online.

On average, you need to spend $20-70 per month to get an adequate online dating experience. You can spend more and enjoy better diversity and quality of communication. But websites that offer memberships for $20-30 per month can also help you find the love of your life. The cost of online communication usually depends on the platform you use. What kind of tools you use also correlates with the price. For instance, live chatting can be rather inexpensive, while video communication can cost a lot.

We would recommend you trying everything as a free member on a dating website. If everything satisfies you, you can proceed and purchase a membership or credits to try premium options. Finding a wife online is not that expensive, but eventually, you will decide to have a real-life date with your girl. Here is what you need to expect to pay for an in-person date with a Belarusian mail order wife:

  • Plane tickets: $270-650
  • Entertainment: $100-300
  • Food: $50-300
  • Hotel or decent apartment: $400-$1,000
  • Transportation: $100-$200


Having a date with a Belarusian wife is an unforgettable experience. We hope that our article has helped you learn more about these women for marriage online!