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If you like Asian women, you will enjoy this article as here we will tell you everything about Philipino brides and what so great about them is! Right now, check out our selection of websites that can actually help you meet with a Filipino mail order bride without any problems!

Whats The Best Filipino Site (UPDATE: 7 '24)

Girls from this country are the most popular in the world! In 2019, 7,134 brides moved from the Philippines to the United States and became K-1 visa holders. That is almost half of all mail order brides from Asian countries! And you want to know why so many of Filipino mail order brides look for foreign husbands? Well, we will give you an answer in just a few minutes.

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Why choose Filipino women for marriage?

Nowadays, you can communicate with virtually any nation in the world—online communication is what makes modern times so great. But why should you spend your time and money on online dating with Filipino wives online? Well, if you are interested in Asian women for marriage, you will find girls from this country unique.

First, ladies from the Philippines share a lot of similarities with other Asian dates—they are humble, traditional, smart, and beautiful. However, what makes Filipino mail order brides different from, let’s say, Chinese or Thai brides is the fact that they are fun, easy-going, and relaxed! They are not as shy as other Asian girls for dating and marriage—they are more careless and forward. They are fun and funny—they know how to make a great joke and enjoy a good laugh as well! Furthermore, they are more open to discussing various things as opposed to other Asian women who take relationships slowly.

Sure, your Filipino date may not start telling you all her secrets on your first date, but you can be sure that your relationships are going to develop faster than with any other Asian girl! So, there are many great advantages to seriously dating a woman from this country, most of them you will have to find out on your own!

Why do Filipino brides seek Western men?

High popularity of online dating in the Philippines has encouraged thousands of young women to seek a better life abroad. This is the main reason why so many Filipino mail order brides seek Western men—they are just not satisfied with what local men can offer them. Young girls seek a chance to start a family with a man who is mature to be responsible for his wife and kids. No matter how easy-going and relaxed your date from this country is, you can be sure that she wants to start a family with a responsible and strong man who knows what he wants.

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How much does a Filipino wife cost?

By saying the cost of a bride from the Philippines, we mean the price of dating services that you will have to pay if you decide to use them. Most dating websites will offer you their services for a price—this is how everything works. However, depending on what site you select, the price can vary. First, there are two main approaches to charging you. First, there are websites that work with credits. In other words, you spend money on tokens or credits that you spend on various communication tools. For example, 1 minute of live chatting with a Filipino lady can cost you 0.3 credits or about $1. These prices are made up—each site has its own price range for credits. But if you select such a website, you can spend around $50-80 per month. Of course, if you want, you can spend more, since Filipino brides worth it.

There is also another approach that is based on subscriptions. Every month, you will have to purchase a subscription that will give you access to all features available on the site. Usually, such an approach is simpler and more affordable—monthly membership usually costs around $20-30, and you can buy 3, 6, or 12 months as one purchase and pay less per month. It doesn’t matter what type of website you choose, as long as it is affordable for you. Nevertheless, you can see that the price for a whole month of online communication can be less than a single real-life date that may not be successful or enjoyable!


All in all, dating a Filipino mail order wife is a smart thing to do since these girls are the most popular on the market! You will be able to find hundreds of beautiful, real, and seriously committed girls online—the only thing you need to do is to find a respectable website, sign up, and start looking! Online dating is easier than you may think—give it a go, and you will see for yourself!